Date: September 24th 2009

Hello Madison-area Irish dancers,

A couple upcoming opportunities for you:

Irish set dancing is finally starting up again in Madison! Starting this coming Monday evening, Sept. 28, you are all invited to come dance traditional sets at the Brocach. The schedule will be 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00, upstairs at The Brocach on the Capitol Square. If you would like to get regular reminders of set dancing opportunities, you can join the specific mailing list for set dancers:
You can also simply browse the latest broadcasts at that Web page without having to join.

Local Irish dance maven Heidi Hakseth is launching a Fall class through MSCR starting next Tuesday, Sept. 29. Learn Ceili, Group Set and Solo Step styles in a weekly class. See details and - as always - stay up-to-date with other Irish dance opportunities on the celticmadison online calendar:

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General Irish dance news, but without the monthly set-dancing reminders. You will receive one brief e-mail before Irish dance events in the Madison area. If you have news you wish to share with this list, please contact Alan Ng at alan@alan-ng.nospam (swap "nospam" for "net").

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