Date: January 8th 2008

Happy New Year! You're all invitated to come learn and dance Irish sets this Thursday, Jan. 10, 7 pm at the Froth House. This week, Milwaukee's gifted teacher and dancer Joanna Dupuis will be guiding us!

We hope none of you were as inconvenienced 2 weeks ago as John Curran was, who had come the farthest of the several of us who arrived right on time to the Dec. 27 dance at the Froth House, only to discover that the Froth House had forgotten to tell us they were going to be closed for that holiday evening! We have been assured that they are back on schedule now.

The Froth House has a wood floor, a full bar and cafe menu, and comfy seating in the same room. They'll be open for us until at least until 9 pm. We'll have live traditional dance music (except possibly for recorded music during instruction). The way to remember our dates is "2nd and 4th Thursdays."

The Froth House is at 11 N. Allen St., just off of Regent St. More details about the Froth House are here:

Bryan can be reached at 258-9732, and you can stay subscribed to this list to get updates and reminders about any set-dancing activity in Madison. And relevant links and dance info are always available at:

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