Date: January 24th 2010

Hello Madison Set Dancers,

We have a rare opportunity to dance to live music Monday evening @ the Brocach! The Capitol Ceili Band, featuring Alan Ng on fiddle and/or accordion and Bryan Whiting on flute, will be on hand to liven up our dance experience. More info about Capitol Ceili Band is here: Sets will most likely include the Caledonian, the Clare Plain, Clare Myserks, as well as others, perhaps even requests! 7:00pm @ 7 W. Main St. on the square. Please come -- the more the merrier!

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Midwinter Set Dance Weekend in Milwaukee, Feb. 26-28. Friday and Saturday evening ceilis with John Whelan; workshops during the day Saturday with instruction by Mick Mulkerrin, one of Ireland's premier dance teachers. Brochures and registration information will be available at the Brocach tomorrow evening. More info about the weekend is here:

Contact Claudia for further info:, home (best) 608-221-4228, cell (alternate) 608-239-4317.

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