Date: August 15th 2007

Dear friends of Public House Ceili Band,

The big news is that this weekend will be the last Public House Ceili Band gig. Ever. So you better be there!

Public House returns to the Milwaukee Irish Fest Dance Pavilion for the 11th and last time this year. Or maybe it's a nice round 10th - archives indicate that we appeared there as "Taproom Ceili Band" back in 1997. Same diff - beer served in any case.

This Grand Finale of Public House will be extra special because on Sunday we'll appear as the full, original quartet, with Dave Delgado rejoining the band with that extra boost of energy he always brings to the stage.

Our time slots are: Saturday, Aug. 18, for sets at 6:45 pm and Sunday, Aug. 19, for ceili at 3 pm.

Can't make it to our Grand Finale? You can buy our CD on-line for you and all your friends at

Thanks from Public House!

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