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Traditional Irish (and some Scottish) music out of Madison, Wisconsin.

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  1. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent August 3rd 2017

    See you on Sunday at 5 for great Irish music at the Brocach! ...

  2. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent June 29th 2017

    Good news - construction at the Capitol is almost complete, your free Sunday street parking is becoming easier! Take refuge from summer storms and heat in the shelter of Irish music and hospitality, 5-6:30 pm. ...

  3. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent May 31st 2017

    These June weekend days are long, take a break this Sunday at the Brocach for Irish music and supper, 5-6:30 pm. ...

  4. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent May 3rd 2017

    Let us put some Irish flair into your spring weekend this Sunday suppertime, 5-6:30 pm at the Brocach on the Square. ...

  5. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent March 29th 2017

    April! Warm enough to head out but no yardwork or gardening to keep you away from the Brocach this Sunday, 5-6:30 pm, for great Irish trad music! ...

  6. West Wind at the "O'Essen Haus" for St. Patrick's, 8:30 pm
    Sent March 16th 2017

    Our Germanophile friends at the Essen Haus have temporarily re-branded themselves as "O'Essen Haus" for a day, with a full Irish menu, "green Bier" and - no kidding, - some brilliant actual Irish traditional music - that would be us! Willkommen agus failte...

  7. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent March 1st 2017

    Welcome to the St. Pat's month of Hibernophile madness! You can start things off in style with us this Sunday at the Brocach, 5-6:30 pm. ...

  8. West Wind at the Brocach on New Year's Day
    Sent December 28th 2016

    Sleep off the old year, then rustle yourself over to the new Capitol Brocach for a fresh clean start to 2017 with the electric polish of great Irish dance music. Sunday 5-6:30 pm, see you there! ...

  9. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent November 30th 2016

    Winter is coming! Huddle up with us at the Brocach this Sunday suppertime, 5-6:30 pm, for the hottest Irish trad tunes in town. ...

  10. West Wind returns to the Brocach
    Sent November 2nd 2016

    After half a year pause while the Brocach remodeled, live Irish trad music is finally returning to the Capitol Square. We will be re-starting our monthly rhythm of first Sundays this weekend, Nov. 6, from 5 to 6:30 pm. See you there! ...

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