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Traditional Irish (and some Scottish) music out of Madison, Wisconsin.

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  1. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent December 5th 2018

    Come join us this Sunday at the Brocach 5-6:30 pm! As you may have noticed, this fall the Brocach temporarily reduced their live music calendar, in favor of hosting football season. Stay subscribed to this list for updates on when we will return to our fir...

  2. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent August 29th 2018

    Mark the midpoint of your Labor Day weekend with a break at the Brocach for some lovely Irish tunes, 5-6:30 pm. We'll have guest artist Kara Rogers, fresh back from Ireland, joining us while Charlene is away. ...

  3. West Wind at Milwaukee Irish Fest on Saturday
    Sent August 16th 2018

    Those of you making the annual pilgrimage to Milwaukee are warmly invited to join us there at the Lakefront Brewery Stage (formerly known as the Tipperary Stage) on Saturday afternoon. We're looking forward to it! ...

  4. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent August 1st 2018

    Come cool off at the Brocach this Sunday afternoon, 5-6:30 pm, while we play hot Irish tunes. ...

  5. West Wind Updates Message
    Sent May 30th 2018

    See you this Sunday 5-6:30 at the Brocach! ...

  6. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent May 2nd 2018

    See you all 5-6:30 pm to end your first May weekend tunefully, while being served bia agus ól. ...

  7. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent April 19th 2018

    Odd weather and odd West Wind schedule this April: we'll be at the Brocach this Sunday, 5-6:30 pm, and then returning to our usual 1st-Sunday slot in May. See you soon! ...

  8. West Wind Updates Message
    Sent March 15th 2018

    West Wind Updates Message St Pat's season is upon us. We will be staying downtown this Saturday, beginning with a noon hour acoustic concert at Grace Episcopal Church as a part of their Grace Presents series. We will then adjourn to the Elks Club (where...

  9. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent March 1st 2018

    Ready for the March Madness of Irish mania? Get started this Sunday at the Brocach, 5-6:30 pm! ...

  10. West Wind at the Brocach this Sunday
    Sent January 4th 2018

    Happy New Year from West Wind! If you haven't heard any great trad tunes yet this year, we can fix that for you this Sunday 5-6:30 pm at the Brocach. ...

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