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Public House Ceili Band

about the CD

Go Figure is our debut CD. Four entire set dances, forty-six excellent session tunes, and twenty-two tracks played to lift your feet right off the ground. Collectors note: this appears to be the first album of Irish set-dancing music ever made in North America.

Who needs this CD?: Dancers needing gifts for friends that will encourage them to dance the sets. Dance teachers. Fans of Irish music who enjoy the atmosphere of the live dance. Musicians and those learning to play Irish dance music.

What else can you do with a dance CD?: Practice the sets in your head, in the car or at home. Practice your stepping and battering in private. Enjoy a dance with friends in your living room or kitchen. Mind the dresser!

Unique features:

  • Four of the most popular sets danced in the US, and especially in Milwaukee - be prepared for your next trip to Irish Fest!
  • Recorded at the exact tempos desired by the senior dancers of Milwaukee, so that you have time to do all of your favorite battering steps.
  • Extra time at the beginning of each track to allow you to start your CD player and get into your sets.
  • Since we give you the exact bar counts, you can easily use these tracks for any set or ceili dance you like.
  • Musicians among you will appreciate this clean recording of many of the best session tunes of the upper Midwest and even the world – see our ranking on the "Most-Cited Albums" chart.

CD contents

TrkFig.Caledonian Set
11.Reels, 128 bars: Mountain Road (sample in MP3) / Five Mile Chase
22.Reels, 96 bars: Knotted Cord
33.Reels, 192 bars: Flogging Reel / Dublin Reel
44.Jigs, 224 bars: Rose in the Heather / Willy Coleman's / Sliabh Russell
55.Reels, 192 bars: Glass of Beer / Toss the Feathers / Michael Kennedy's
66.Hornpipes, 160 bars: Home Ruler / Kitty's Wedding
Plain Set
71.Reels, 112 bars: Craig's Pipes / Humors of Tulla
82.Reels, 128 bars: Sligo Maid / Roaring Mary
93.Reels, 176 bars: Woman of the House / Maid of Mount Kisco
104.Reels, 256 bars: Dick Gossip's / Green Gates / Father Kelly's
115.Jigs, 160 bars: Gander in the Pratie Hole / Cook in the Kitchen
126.Reels, 192 bars: Sporting Paddy / Green Groves of Erin / Flowers of Redhill
Connemara Set
131.Reels, 160 bars: George White's Favorite / Glen of Aherlow
142.Reels, 192 bars: Hunter's Purse / John Stenson's #2
153.Reels, 184 bars: Speed the Plough / Bucks of Oranmore
164.Polka, 96 bars: Maggie in the Woods
Sliabh Luachra Set
171.Polkas, 160 bars: Denis Murphy's / John Ryan's
182.Polkas, 160 bars: Sweeney's / Toormore #1
193.Slides, 160 bars: An Chóisir / Connie Walsh's
204.Polkas, 88 bars: Maid of Ardagh
215.Slides, 232 bars: Leg of the Duck / O'Keeffe's / Going to the Well for Water
226.Hornpipes, 160 bars: Byrne's / Alexander's

How to Get Your Copy

$15 + shipping, or less for bulk orders. Contact Alan Ng by email at alan [at] We'll use Paypal or Venmo when you're ready.

© Copyright 2001 page design, content, and maintenance by Alan Ng. Created August 16, 2001, the last update was: March 26, 2023. Album cover photo and design by artist Sara Washbush (scwashbush at hotmail dot com), using a photo she took at a house dance in Madison, Wisconsin.

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