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Public House Ceili Band

hard at work II
Dan, Alan, Dave, and Bob playing for sets
at the Milwaukee Irish Cultural Heritage Center, 1999

Dan Cobb - banjo

Dan Cobb was one of the earliest members of the traditional Irish music scene in Urbana, Illinois back in the late 1970s. Before moving to Madison in 1984, he spent several years playing banjo in the midst of the Irish music community in Toronto. His musical values have been shaped by early piano training and 35 years as both a jazz and rock guitarist. In addition, he recently rekindled his long-standing interest in a Russian plectrum instrument called a domra, and currently leads the domra section of Madison's University of Wisconsin Russian Folk Orchestra. All of these activities have brought him to a thorough appreciation (and might we add – mastery) of the art of picking.

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Dave Delgado - whistle / flute

David Delgado, our Milwaukee-based member, has been playing traditional Irish music since the early 1990s, and quickly went on to win back-to-back championships on whistle and bodhran in the Fleadh Ceol-Midwest. He has studied under Joannie Madden, Mark Stone, Mary Bergin, and Jack Coen, has made a series of recordings, and has been a member of various bands throughout the Milwaukee and Madison area.

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Bob Newton - octave mandolin

Bob began playing Irish music soon after being introduced to groups such as Planxty, The Bothy Band, and DeDanaan in the mid-1970s. Beginning on bodhran (the Irish drum) and mandolin, he soon moved to larger instruments, and currently plays melody and rhythm on the octave mandolin, mandola, and mandocello. After living in County Mayo in 1981, he has made several return trips including stops in Wales and Scotland, and has spent many summers in Brittany where he attends the Pan-Celtic Festival in Lorient. He has played and sung in Madison-area, Midwest regional bands for over 20 years including The Irish Brigade, Bogside, Boxty, and Far From Home. Although music from Ireland came first, he has developed a strong attachment to the many diverse Celtic traditions he has since encountered. In addition to playing with the Public House Ceili Band, Bob now plays with Keltori, specializing in music from several Celtic countries, and teaches courses related to these musical traditions.

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Alan Ng - fiddle

Traditional Irish fiddling took over Alan's entire musical life in 1993, when he discovered and quickly succumbed to the session addiction in his new home of Madison, Wisconsin. The session at Mickey's Tavern represents the alma mater of his education in traditional Irish music, although credit also goes to workshops and lessons with fiddlers Martin Dowling, Brendan Mulvihill, James Kelly, and Liz Carroll during the mid 1990s. In 1995 he began giving concerts of Irish traditional music with The Snug around the Midwest and he also appears as a guest Irish fiddler with various other groups.

He was previously a classical orchestra violinist in Linz (Austria), Berkeley (California), and throughout his youth in California. Already in Berkeley he had concluded, based purely on reading the fiddle tunes of various nations from books, that Irish tunes were clearly the most stunningly attractive melodies on the planet.

Alan counts himself lucky that upon arriving in Madison he was introduced simultaneously to both Irish dancing and playing Irish tunes, so that he has never lost sight of the rhythmic details and drive that make Irish music and dance inseparable.

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about the musicians

  Dan CobbDave DelgadoBob NewtonAlan Ng