Alan's repertoire comes from a wide range of sources, ranging from the virtuosos who made the earliest recordings of Irish traditional music to Madison's own traditional music sessions, from modern Irish composers such as Liz Carroll and Charlie Lennon to his own compositions, and also going back centuries in time to the music of Turlough O'Carolan and the old song-air traditions.

His main musical influences have been the recordings of the great Irish fiddlers Michael Coleman, Kevin Burke, and Martin Hayes, the Sliabh Luachra fiddle masters, the uilleann piping of Seamus Ennis and Willie Clancy, and the accordion playing of Joe Burke, Joe Cooley, and early Jackie Daly.


Alan maintains an ongoing collection of his recordings at his SoundCloud page.


  • Old Time Waltz
    (an old Irish waltz he learned from famous fiddler James Kelly)

Slow Airs

Here are some relatively cheery examples of the old Irish slow airs in his repertoire. "Slow air" means a freeform, solo performance of an old-style (sean nós) Irish song, but using an instrument instead of singing. The texts of these songs are usually in Irish (Gaelic language) – but don't ask me to sing them! =)

Other Wedding-Appropriate Slow Airs

Éamonn an Chnuich (transl. "Ned of the hill", a love song)
An Clár Bog Déil (transl. "the bog deal board", a love song)
Down by the Sally Gardens
The Munster Cloak


Irish Polkas and Slides

I often play polkas and slides from the Southwest of Ireland on my melodeon - an old-fashioned kind of accordion used in Ireland:

More Samples

Wedding music samples

You can also browse a list of Alan's complete repertoire.

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