Elizabeth Fine Simcock and Alan Ng

Yes, Alan would be happy to play for your wedding! Live traditional Irish music, from lively jigs and reels to haunting slow airs, will be a part of your ceremony or reception that your and your guests will always remember fondly.

Whether alone or in ensemble with other musicians, Alan's gorgeous fiddling can help create the atmosphere you want during the ceremony, from Baroque-era aristocratic harp pieces to proud piping marches, from the plaintive airs of Gaelic love songs to sweet waltzes. His vast repertoire of traditional dance tunes, covering nearly twenty different kinds of authentic Irish dance rhythms from barn dances to strathspeys, ensures you and your guests an abundance of lively and interesting music at the reception. Warning: Guests under the age of six always find an irresistible urge to start a dance party!

Listen to Samples for a Ceremony

For the Prelude

A pretty hornpipe composed by James Hill in the 19th century:

For the Processional

The first is an 18th-century piece by Rory Dall O'Cathain (a "piece" is music that was composed as instrumental "listening music," not for dancing or singing). The second one is a 16th-century piece probably by Turlough O'Carolan.

For Listening During the Reception

The first sample is a contemplative piece composed by 16th-century harper Turlough O'Carolan. The second, a pair of classic dance jigs, is an example of the many hundreds of traditional Irish dance tunes in Alan's repertoire.

More Samples

Click for more music samples to listen to.

Creative Commons License This music is free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License. Any reuse must credit the performance to Alan Ng.