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Public House Ceili Band has been playing for set dancers for so many years that we've gradually built up a massive repertoire of music for traditional sets. We arrange our music precisely for the sets listed below. This means we don't crash and burn in the middle of a tune while you've just come to a glorious finish, and neither do we plow on stubbornly finishing a tune while you stand around clapping politely. We don't reuse tunes, so that we could play every one of these sets for you at one go, and you would never hear the same reel or jig more than once! Not only that, we keep things even livelier by switching tunes as often as possible, tending to play each tune only twice through. We also refresh our arrangements regularly, so you won't hear us play the same music for the same set from year to year. That keeps things interesting for us, and high-energy for you!

  • Ballycommon
  • Ballyvourney Jig Set (including the "Express" version)
  • Borlin Jenny (Bantry Bay version, to single reels)
  • Caledonian (available on our CD)
  • Cashel
  • Claddagh
  • Connemara (available on our CD)
  • Corofin Plain
  • Derrada
  • Kilfenora
  • Killyon
  • Labasheeda
  • Lancers
  • Mezerts (the Cork set, to jigs)
  • Myserks (the Clare set, to reels)
  • Newport
  • North Kerry
  • Orange and Green (the Clare version)
  • Paris (including the proper hornpipe/march arrangement of the 5th figure)
  • Plain (aka Clare Plain) (available on our CD)
  • Rosscahill
  • Sliabh Luachra (available on our CD)
  • Waltz Cotillion
  • West Kerry
  • Williamstown

Of course we are also very experienced at playing for traditional ceili dances, including the music for these special dances:

  • Sweets of May
  • Gay Gordon
  • The Siege of Carrick
  • Endless reels and endless jigs. We bet we can play longer than you can dance!

Check out Go Figure, our CD of music for the Caledonian, Plain, Connemara, and Sliabh Luachra sets!

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